Pulse Online Magazine: October Issue

Cover photo by Britta Dillon

It’s been a long couple weeks getting this first issue of fall quarter (and my fifth issue as editor) off the ground. Pulse has been going through some changes this quarter and as always it’s been a good learning experience for me as the leader of the class. We took on a graphic design intern and a public relations intern this quarter who’ve been helping to take some load off my plate. In the two previous quarters as editor I helped with brainstorming ideas, assigned ideas, edited stories, taught the class InDesign, put together the whole magazine myself (with some help from a few students who just learned InDesign and had no previous design experience). Now I can focus more on story content since we have a designer for the academic school year to get some consistency with the design of the issues. Every quarter we get a whole new set of students (whom 95% have never taken Pulse before and some have never even taken a writing class before) so it’s always challenging to get everyone on the same page skill wise. This issue was unusually tough. Between my assistant editor, graphic designer and myself I think we each worked at least three 20+ hour days last week on just Pulse related work, emailing back and forth usually until 1 to 3 a.m. Late nights and stress are all worth it as soon as the issue goes live. It’s like no feeling I’ve ever experienced! I hope you enjoy the content as much as I do! We’ve got an exclusive feature on the Yoga Hot Spot opening up in November in Ellensburg. We also did a feature on Many Faces of War, including interviews with wives who’ve stood by their men while their deployed. There’s also an entertaining piece called TWI: Texting While Intoxicated, for college students this is a must read. How many of you have committed one of these infractions? I’d be willing to bet most who are over 21. Check all this out & more!



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