Saturday Afternoon Photos: Black Smoke

It’s that feeling you get when you see black smoke hurling up in the air, a fire. Your mind starts racing out of curiosity trying to answer the who, what, when,where and how questions about the fire from a distance. So naturally, you move closure to the area of smoke hoping to find more answers.

This describes the reaction my boyfriend and I had while playing at the park with his dog, Tobi this afternoon. We were heading that way for a late lunch anyways, so why not stop and see where the fire was. In this case, the fire was no accident.

As we drove past the fire on University and D street,  firefighters and trucks were everywhere but they weren’t fighting frantically to put OUT the fire, instead they were the ones who STARTED this fire. As quoted from the weekly campus newspaper, Observer, “The fire department had to get a permit from the state Department of Ecology in order to start a controlled burn.”

Access Restrictions Provide Safety for the Controlled Fire

Onlookers Take Pictures of Fire

Not a Typical Sight as Firefighters Watch the House Burn

 All Photos by Britta Dillon


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