Make a Wish!

As it approaches 11:11pm on 11/11/11, I remembered the old junior high days of ‘making a wish’ when the clock struck 11:11 sitting class. I’m personally a big believer in lucky numbers, my lucky/favorite number has been 14 as long as I can remember (and also my soccer jersey number for 14 years of playing)! I was reading today that according to David’s Bridal 57,000 couples are expected to wed today because it’s 11/11/11. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to get married on 14/14/14…because there aren’t 14 months of course, so maybe I’ll just have to settle for 7/7/14?

Thoughts? What do you think about ‘lucky numbers’ and ‘lucky days’? Was today your lucky day? Do you wish at 11:11?

I personally didn’t do much today that I would consider lucky or out of the ordinary. I froze by butt off walking to campus for a meeting I couldn’t get into because the door was locked (that was actually unlucky), so I picked up a peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks (this was a gamble, I prefer coffee drinks that taste nothing like coffee and rarely try a new drink at random) to my pleasant surprise, it was delicious! 🙂 I came home and was extremely motivated (mostly from the coffee) and did a bunch of research for an article I’m writing, wrote most of the article, looked at engagement and wedding photos for an hour or so to get some inspiration for a shoot I’m doing Sunday, edited and graded some Pulse assignments (only one week and three days til our next issue comes out!) and now I’m finally updating my blog. Oh, and we had the first snow in Ellensburg tonight too. Whew, reading all that makes me kind of tired. This quarter I love weekends–not because I can relax–but because I have time to catch up on all my work (usually without getting assigned more work). Meaning I feel much more productive looking at my to-do list with a few things checked off and (hopefully) nothing new added!

Song I’ve had stuck in my head all day: Little Miss by Sugarland. Give it a listen!

Happy Friday & just to feel like a kid again, make a wish at 11:11pm at 11/11/11!



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