Personal Website…Even for the HTML Challenged

What’s the best part? It’s FREE! While I’m in the process of building (HTML coding, Dreamweaver, Drupal) my purchased web domain,, I decided I needed to have a temporary site. I began searching for free options and came across As the title of this blog suggests, even if you have no website or HTML coding experience you can still have a portfolio online. Job seekers want to see these kinds of things when they ‘Google’ your name!

Everything on template is customizable from the font, colors use to the navigation bar. I decided to have pages (or navigation tabs) for Design, Photography, Digital Media and Contacts. As of earlier this afternoon, I’ve added a Multimedia page which is for my final project in COM 226–writing and reporting for convergent media. I’m pretty happy with my progress on the final project thus far! I’ve finished the article and it’s being published in Pulse Magazine, Monday, November 21st. So I’ll hold off on telling you about the content and interesting research I found until next week. Stay tuned!

I’m presenting my senior portfolio tomorrow, it’s been surreal going through all my work since I transferred two years ago. I can’t believe how fast it went by!

To Check out my whole website at click here



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