Finding Beauty in Tragedy

Turning to a subject that’s a little more personal to me, my dad started chemotherapy today. As hard as this is on my family, we’re staying strong and I know he’ll be okay. Until this afternoon, I wasn’t so positive because I was scared. My mind was constantly running through all the things he would miss out on if he didn’t make it.

My dad is healthy. He always has been, never above his weight category for his height, good blood pressure and cholesterol and lives an active lifestyle fill of brisk walks and light weight lifting. So you can imagine my shock when I found out that he had cancer. This wasn’t a typical case of cancer though. He found a bump on his right hand of his middle finger which doctors at the time thought was a cyst. He had surgery and they found three small tumors in his finger, which they couldn’t identify and were sent to a lab in California that identified them as cancerous tumors. Doctors then did a second surgery and removed the top part of his middle finger and at this point I thought the problem was solved. He had a third surgery to remove the lymph node in his arm pit that is attached to his middle finger. After seeing another specialist, who couldn’t be sure that the cancer had been contained only to his finger, they recommended chemotherapy. Only 80 cases have been recorded of this form of cancer and the specialist aimed the chances of getting it at 1 in 10 million.

As I sat with my dad in the hospital today I realized he isn’t going to change, he still cracked jokes with the nurses even though I knew he was nervous. He is still going to be able to live his life, even though he won’t have hair for a few months and he might be more fatigued at times.

I believe there is beauty in tragedy. I saw that for the first time today.


Character, strength & love

I kind of liked that the focus was on the window instead. An interesting perspective


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