Creative Chaos: Finding Balance

So it’s been a while since there has been ANY action what-so-ever on this blog, which I originally started for a class in college at CWU. So I’ve decided to give it a make-over and repurpose it! It’s now Creative Chaos: Finding Balance, which pretty accurately describes my life.

Welcome to my crazy (currently) unbalanced life!! 🙂

At any given moment I’m either: working full-time Monday-Friday 8-4, taking photos, editing photos, finding inspiration for photo shoots, attempting to stay connected & spend time with friends, working-out/going for a run, building my photography business & trying to get more clients, sitting in traffic, daydreaming about having my own house, attempting to eat healthier, writing blogs for my business, designing cards (graduation, save the date, birth announcement  etc), taking trips to Ellensburg to see my boyfriend, actually relaxing??, exploring a new place or finding a new place to do photo shoots, day dreaming about traveling to Europe in September, actually planning our trip to Europe, spending time with my family, starting a Pinterest project, trying to figure out how to get more organized, creating a new photo prop, saving money, attempting to sleep?? (Definitely, not in that order) WHEW!! I’m sure that’s not all of it but I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Here’s what typically happens. I get into a daily-retinue where I work-out/run, go to work and get photography/business stuff work done. But my social life (hanging out with friends, spending quality time with my boyfriend – ie NOT working when I go to see him) completely fails.

OR I can go to work, get photography work done and be social but my work-out/running schedule fails. **THIS is where I’m at currently. It’s been a few weeks since I ran 3-4x per week (which is what I prefer and when I usually feel the best). Insert SAD face!

OR I work-out/run, go to work, be social and my photography work doesn’t get done (it ends up getting done, but I usually don’t sleep).

WHERE IS THE BALANCE?!?! The answer is: I haven’t figured it out yet. But I’m going to make a very serious, conscious effort to try. There are SO Many things I want to do, so many IDEAS all.the.time. My head is always swimming, like I have 30+ tabs open on my internet browser at all times! I can’t even seem to get the basics, work-out, work, photography business and social life covered without dropping the ball on something. I need to teach myself how to juggle, starting now 🙂



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