Balanced Weekend?

…eeehhhhh, maybe?


6:40a rolled out of bed
7a left the house, got Starbucks
7-7:50a sat in traffic
8a-4p work, work, work
4p-5p sat in traffic
5p – 5:20p stopped to get paint for a photo prop (photo shoot was Saturday AM! YIKES! I procrastinated on that one!)
5:30p-10p Painted props, made jumbo cupcake
10p – sleep

what a crrraaaazzzyyy Friday night, livin’ life on the dangerous side! 😛


6:30a rolled out of bed, shower
6:50a rushed to Safeway to get Balloons!
7-7:50a set up for photo shoot
8-10:30a Brayden’s one year photo shoot
10:30-11:30a put away/clean up stuff from photo shoot
11:30a-1p drive to Ellensburg (it was snowing on the pass, what the heck APRIL!)
1p-3:30p? – lunch with Zach and then we watched the CWU men’s rugby game
3:30p-5p – nap with Zach 🙂
5-7p edited a few photos from Brayden’s shoot/FB preview while watching CATurday on Animal Planet!
7p dinner with Zach
I ended up editing photos for a bit after dinner, we watched part of Get Him to the Greek on TV and then went to bed.


Slept in til 8:30a OMG!!
8:30a-10:30a – edited photos while Zach went to sell his TV in Cle Elum
lunch with Zach around 11ish?
11:30ish? drove home from Ellensburg
1-3p cleaned up room a bit
3:30-6p Brayden’s 1st birthday party
didn’t do a whole lot after that. watched TV, went to bed at 10ish.

This whole weekend I was actively trying to think about balancing out work and having fun but now that I’ve typed it all out, I’m not sure I did so good. Welp, that’s the point of this whole blog in the first place! FACING REALITY! Sadly, my reality is admitting I worked most of the weekend and ‘played’ for a few hours…SHOOT! I thought I was doing better! I’m thinking the only way to not work when I go to Ellensburg is to not even take my laptop with me…righhhttt, like that will ever happen! Baby steps 😉



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