Slow & Steady….Wins the Race??

I feel the need to update on my “progress.” Unfortunately, my work out plan was way too ambitious. BUT I have been running, so that’s better than nothing I guesssss…

April 16 – Day 1 – walk 5, run 6 for 45 minutes – 2.84 miles
April 17 – Day 2 – walk 4, run 6 for 30 minutes – 1.99 miles

I’m not very happy that my right knee has been hurting, which is a new development. It used to just ache a little while I was running and stop after I was done running. Now it hurts all the time, when I’m sleeping, when I’m walking or running, basically all the time. I was hoping it would just go away like before, but that hasn’t happened and yesterday I couldn’t finish 45 minutes on the treadmill. SAD SAD SAD!! I might actually have to try one of the treadmills at the gym (currently I use the one in my living room) and see if my knee feels better? Or I might do the elliptical instead of running (NOT excited about this). I have a physical on April 29th, so maybe I’ll mention it and see what my doctor thinks about it.

Since I mentioned heading to the gym, I should also note that I’m not a big fan of the gym I’m currently a member of, I’m hoping to go and chat with LA fitness this weekend with Zach. Since my gym membership expires in a few months anyways. Currently there are ZERO convenient locations for me, I used to go to the one in Bothell when I worked in Lynnwood, but now my options are Auburn and Kent. The Kent location is TINY…and I mean TINYYY. The Auburn location is jumbo but so so so out of my way and major waste of gas. I’m hoping I’ll muster the motivation to head over to Kent tonight to see if my knee likes their treadmills any more than the one in my living room, if my knee isn’t having it hopefully I’ll be able to do the elliptical without pain. Have I mention how annoying this knee thing is??!! I actually LIKE running on a treadmill! UGGHH!

Another note, both of my runs have been in the afternoon when I got home from work. I really need to figure out how to get my lazy butt out of bed at 5am! Seriously, I get up to turn off my alarm and then re-set it to the VERY latest I can get up, get ready and rush out the door. It’s gotta stop! Why am I always so tired!?



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