It’s Friday! This Week’s Reflection

Here’s the update on my list from Tuesday.

Things on my mind/To-Do this week:

  • Monday – hang out with Sabrina & Jessica after work (CHECK!)
  • Make a new work out schedule (CHECK, see below)
  • Thursday – hang out with Michelle & Amanda after work (CHECK, but Amanda had to work so it was just Michelle & I)
  • Finish editing Brayden’s photos before Friday (CHECK! Finished on Thursday! WOOT!)
  • Make the final decision about signing up for the Warrior Dash on July 20th, before April 24th (….hoping to decide on this by Sunday)

Feelin’ fairly accomplished for the week! 🙂 I didn’t get to exercise as much as I wanted – see the update on that, here. But this week I was social. I went out on Monday with Sabrina & Jessica and didn’t get home til after 10pm?! I had so much fun in Kirkland with those two! 🙂 I got work done. I worked out a bit. I was social again on Thursday with Michelle! It’s progress in the right direction and I can be happy with that!


  • Make cupcakes for Zach’s bday (Thursday night, CHECK!)
  • Wrap Zach’s presents (Friday after work, before he comes home)
  • Gym after work Friday before Zach gets home
  • Zach’s 23rd birthday Saturday!! TIME TO PARTTYYYY!!
  • Make the final decision about signing up for the Warrior Dash on July 20th, before April 24th (….decide by Sunday)
  • Hopefully Zach and I will have time to go talk to LA fitness sometime this weekend
  • Use Zach’s truck to get free Pallets for a backdrop (really the only “work” related thing I have to do this weekend! YAY!)

I know that people reading this might not care about my to-do lists and such, but writing all this down and publishing it actually IS keeping me accountable for how much time I spend working. It did help this week since I didn’t cancel any of my social stuff with my friends to replace it with work! 😀 YAY! It’s also helping with actively thinking about my work-out schedule and changing my frame-of-mind, slowly but surely. Finding life balance…baby steps!!



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