The Last Hoorah & Feel-Good Monday!

This past weekend – also known as “The Last Hoorah” – was filled with ALL play and NO work! It was wonderful, but completely unbalanced. My man turned 23 and it was filled with lots of festivities including date night to The Crab Pot in Seattle on Friday night, a trip to Pike Place Market on Saturday afternoon to get fresh halibut for dinner AND a Hawaiian Birthday Party Saturday night, complete with Fish Tacos, lots of Mai Tais, Grass Skirts & Beach Boys music! Oh and rainbow chip frosting cupcakes.





I ate and drank whatever I wanted as my “last hoorah” but I’m SO tired of feeling sluggish, tired, my stomach hurting from not treating my body right and everything else that comes along with eating and drinking whatever you want (for me anyways). Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not cutting anything 100% out. I’ll still have a drink, I’ll still eat out on occasion. It’s just too often and too much right now. My goal here is healthy: more protein, less carbs and fat, more veggies and of course a better/consistent work out routine. I mentioned before that I have “little control” over what I eat since my boss buys our whole team lunch everyday and my mom cooks dinner almost every night, well that’s changing. I’m done. I’m going to exercise self-control and I’m going to bring my own lunch to work everyday. I’m also going to try and help my mom out in the kitchen more and trade cooking dinners with her.

Which brings me to the wonderful, feel-good (and dare I say balanced?) Monday!!

8a-4p work
4-4:45p – Drove home in traffic
5-6p Cooked dinner for my family, see below Chicken Francese – Lightened Up from
6-7p – Ate/Helped with dishes/Cooked grilled chicken for lunch/Packed lunch
7:30-8:45p – Gym!!! <<< YAY!!
10:30p bed

“Day 1/2 Food”

Breakfast: Luna peanut butter protein bar (190 cal – 1 bar)
Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea (10 cal – 1 packet)
Lunch: I ordered chicken breast instead of regular chicken from Teriyaki, which actually tasted better to me and was less saucy.  I ate a little bit of the chicken, I guessed 4oz (which is about the size of a deck of cards) and most of the salad that comes with the meal. I think I did pretty good for not packing my lunch, the best I could with what my boss bought. (I’m guessing & hoping this was about 300 cal total)
Dinner: Chicken Francese – Lightened Up from (1 cutlet, 108 cal  + romaine salad with 1/2 tbsp of Marie Calendar’s Raspberry vinaigrette, 15 cal. total ~ 130 cal) *
“Snack” (after the gym): 1 cup of reduced-fat chocolate milk with 1 scoop of “muscletech” vanilla whey protein (340 cal) << OMG THIS TASTES LIKE DESSERT!! SO GOODDDDD!!

* I fell IN LOVE with this website!! I will be posting photos from my dinner tonight or tomorrow! Also another note, I ate light for dinner tonight since I didn’t want to to be too full running at the gym!

DAY 1/2 TOTALS: According to my app (without adding in my running, I finished yesterday ~365 cal under my goal of 1300 cal/day! 😀

Monday “Day 1/2”: I call this “Day 1/2” instead of “Day 1” since I didn’t pack my own lunch, but I DID cook a healthy dinner. My mom usually goes grocery shopping for our family on Saturday’s, but this week she went on Monday since her and my dad went on a mini-vacation last week. From now on I’d like to prep all my lunch stuff on Sunday’s!

“Day 1 Gym”

This was the plan: walk 5, run 7, repeat for 45 minutes. Well when I got on the treadmill and the time was counting down instead of up (like the one at my house) I – being special – messed up somehow, so it ended up like this:

Start 58 min to 53 min – 3.5 speed, walking (5 min)
53 min to 48 min – 4.8 speed, jogging (5 min) *this was supposed to be 7 min
48 min to 41 min – 3.5 speed, walking (7 min) *this was supposed to be 5 min
41 min to 36 min – 4.9 speed, jogging (5 min) *this was supposed to be 7 min
36 min to 31 min – 3.5 speed, walking (5 min) *AHH the light bulb went off!!
31 min to 24 min – 5.0 speed, running (7 min)
24 min to 19 min – 3.5 speed, walking (5 min)
19 min to 12 min – 5.0 speed, running (7 min)
12 min to 0 min – 3.5 speed, walking (12 min)

This boils down to 24 minutes jogging/running & 34 minutes walking, ideally we’ll get this walking time lower real quick!

DAY 1 TOTALS: 58 minutes – 3.90 miles – 356.4 calories*
*according to the treadmill, which isn’t too far off what my app says of 381 cal

I also have good news on my right knee, turns out it was hurting from my crappy treadmill at home! Obviously since I was able to complete 58 minutes on the treadmill at the gym last night! So that makes me one happy camper! 😀

This blog is mainly for personal reasons so I can remember why I’m doing this and why it’s important to me. It’s also a motivational factor to stay on track! But I’m also hoping that by being so detailed about my life, my struggle, food, work-outs I can also reach out and help others who are feeling the same way I am or maybe it can give new ideas or inspirations for healthy food & new work outs. Anyways, if you are still reading this I’m flattered that you care and/or if you are on a journey to get healthy or trying to find balance, keep reading! I’m right there with you!!



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