Being Creative: Newborn Rhinestone Headbands


For photography, if I don’t make my own props I try and buy locally. But in the case of the “rhinestone headband” (as shown in the newborn photo above) it’s just ridiculously expensive for ONE headband, $25-40+ for a BABY headband? Which caused me to look into the whole market (I’m a DIYer at heart). So I started looking around for this precious item I came to figure out is called “rhinestone trim.” Turns out I can make 3-4 headbands out of 1 yard of this trim for the cost of one headband from some of these retailers. I understand that making this style of headband isn’t cheap by any means, but that’s quite a mark-up in my frugal eyes.

It took me quite a while to find the style of rhinestones I was looking for. And I mean A WHILE. Almost embarrassing! I was having a brain fart and couldn’t think of what to Google to find them, “gemstones?” No. what the heck do they call those fake-diamond-like things anyway! I kept Googling “strands,” “cubic zirconia” and sooooo many other things. I just wasn’t finding what I wanted. I went onto Joann’s website and was looking around in the jewelry section to see if I could figure out what they would possibly be called, I’d ALMOST given up since I was only coming across bead stuff there! When I finally found the magic words … “rhinestone trim”!! hallelujah!!!!

SO for any other DIYers out there, I hopefully just saved you a buttload of time. I’ll also be super nice and provide all the links to the photos above if you’d like to purchase them yourselves! 🙂

  1. Rhinestone Floral Trim $39.98/1 yard*
  2. 1/2″ Rhinestone Trim $44.98/1 yard
  3. Braid Rhinestone Beaded Trim $35/1 yard
  4. Samara Rhinestone Chain $29.50/1 yard

*1 yard = 36 inches. Newborn headbands are about 12 inches total and I see no reason to have the rhinestones all the way around the full 12 inches. I’ll have a tie with ribbon for the back. I estimated 8 inches of rhinestones for the front/sides of the headband to be on the safe side (this could change). If I made only newborn headbands (I’m going to make some larger ones for 3-6 month as well) I could get 4.5 headbands out of this single yard.

Head over to my photography page on Facebook and comment which style of headband (1-4 above) is your favorite!



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