DAY 9: Tuesday & Women Who Wear Perfume at the Gym.


1/2 Grapefruit (65 cal)
Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cake (60 cal)

Luna Cookie Dough Protein Bar (170 cal)
Banana (90 cal)

7 reduced fat triscuits (120 cal)
Light Mini Baby Bell Cheese (50 cal)

Pork Chops Au Poivre with 2 small red skin potatoes and 2 tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese – SO GOOD!!!
Breakdown: Pork Chops Au Poivre (I estimated 449 cal, about 1.5 servings), Potatoes (220 cal), Cottage Cheese (20 cal)

DAY 9 TOTAL: 1244 cal, 56 cal under my 1300 goal!


5 min warm up – 3.5 speed
5-14 min run – 4.8 speed
14-17 min walk – 3.5 speed
17-26 min run – 5.0 speed
26-29 min walk – 3.5 speed
29-38 min run – 5.0 speed
38-41 min walk – 3.5 speed

DAY 9 TOTALS: 41 minutes – 3.04 miles – 292.2 cal

Public Announcement: I was super annoyed at the gym because I was trying to run between two women on the treadmills next to me who were both wearing very strong perfumes and it STUNK horribly. Especially the combinations of the different perfumes, they were not complimenting smells. Towards the end I didn’t even want to breathe in anymore. I was not a happy camper. I get it, I wear perfume too. I apply once a day in the morning before I leave for work – a VERY light spritz. But these women had clearly JUST sprayed themselves, maybe even in the locker room before coming out. It was not an “oh I sprayed my clothes before I went to work 8+ hours ago and it carried over to my gym clothes a bit”  type of smell at all. If you are one of those women who wears perfume to the gym, STOP. Deodorant is enough. Seriously. Don’t make the rest of us suffer.


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