Thursday Night Blogilates

The last few days my eating schedule has been horribly off. In like I’m not eating enough calories kind of way. No good. I’ve been seriously undercutting my calories during the day and then eating a larger dinner at night and even though I’m still coming in under my 1300 calorie goal, I know this isn’t good for me. I need to be eating 6 small meals a day and not eating such a large dinner late at night, if I’m going to have a larger meal it should be breakfast.

I also feel like I’m staying up way to late when I work out after dinner. All and all I really didn’t feel like going to the gym tonight so I decided to do something different, I’m thinking a switch up of “the routine” is in order. There is no way I’ll be able to complete the Warrior Dash if I don’t start doing some strengthening, toning and lifting STAT. So I decided to do an abs video on Blogilates. A beginner video and some parts of it were HARD, unable to do the full time kind of thing. SO sad. I can’t tell you the last time I did “abs” – at least when I started this whole 8 week plan getting back into running was fairly easy. That’s the problem I always resort back to running because it’s not always challenging, even if it is a tough run, I still like it. Not so much with lifting weights or toning. That has to change.

I’ve linked to this Blogilates website before, when I first made my highly unrealistic workout plan but until tonight I’d never really checked it out. I just  knew it was a good resource for days when I didn’t feel like hitting the gym or mornings when I woke up to late to get a full work out in. Needless to say, I highly recommend anyone who is on the journey to get healthy, it’s NOT just work out videos. It’s the complete package, recipes and more – seriously check out this blogilates website right NOW.

Something tells me I’m going to be spending more time on this website (why didn’t I do it sooner??) – from posts about how do I get an inner thigh gap to finding inspiration & motivation – this is a useful tool. This girl is even so open as to admit when she’s feeling like we all do, fat and like a failure. I mean, wow. Just completely open and honest. She voices how we’ve all felt at one time or another.

“If you have been working out and eating clean and not seeing results, make sure you have given it at least a good 3-6 weeks before you judge …. Losing fat and gaining muscle is a slow process. You’ve got to allow yourself to understand that and it will make the whole journey a lot less discouraging. If you ever feel like giving up, just remember that dieting is HARD. No one said it was going to be easy. But I am here with workouts that are fun and the POP pilates community is here to support you through it with their own experiences.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself! Time to keep on truckin’!

I just wanted to get word out about Blogilates tonight before heading to bed!


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