Day 12: Friday & The 5am Work Out

I FINALLY managed to get my butt out of bed at 4:50am and do a 5am work out!! I thought I would be super tired after – but I’ve never felt so energized! I LOVED starting my day of that way!!

Day 12 GYM
5 min warm up – 3.5 speed
5-15 min run – 5.0 speed
15-17 min walk – 3.5 speed
17-27 min run – 5.2 speed
27-30 min walk – 3.5 speed
30-40 min run – 5.4 speed
40-45 min cool down – 3.5 speed

TOTAL: 45 min – 3.45 miles – 343.4 cal


Treated myself to my favorite coffee – WHITE coffee with white chocolate syrup & non fat milk (approx. 200 cal)
2 egs with 2 slices of ham lunch meat (202 cal)

didn’t record lunch/snacks or didn’t have them? Can’t remember…

went out to dinner (little pub by my house called Apogee)
Salad with blue cheese dressing (approx. 140 cal?)
Broasted Chicken breast & part of thigh (approx. 466 cal?)

My best friend was in town for her birthday so we went out to Bourbon Jacks!
Peach Vodka (approx. 207 cal)
Lemonade (approx. 225 cal)
Blueberry Vodka (approx. 207 cal)

TOTAL: before adding in my work out I was approx. 363 over my 1300 goal. After adding in my morning work out I had approx. 97 cal remaining


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