About Me

Hello all and thank you for visiting Creative Chaos, the personal blog of Britta Dillon.

This blog is mainly for personal reasons so I can remember why I’m doing this and why it’s important to me. It’s also a motivational factor to stay on track! But I’m also hoping that by being so detailed about my life, my struggle, food, work-outs I can also reach out and help others who are feeling the same way I am or maybe it can give new ideas or inspirations for healthy food & new work outs. Anyways, if you are reading this I’m flattered that you care and/or if you are on a journey to get healthy or trying to find balance, keep reading! I’m right there with you!!

About ME

I’m 22. I work full-time as a social media and marketing assistant. I ALSO have my own business, Britta Lynn Photography. I’ve been in the same, wonderful relationship with my high school sweetheart for nearly 7 years. I have a chaotic, crazy creative mind that never stops. I love traveling. I’m searching for life balance.

Here’s a brief list of some of my areas of expertise:


I’ve had a passion for photography since I was 15 years-old, my artistic eye began while studying black & white film in my high school art class. I moved into the digital world of photography and began freelance photography in 2008. I officially became the owner of Britta Lynn Photography in 2012.


After transferring to CWU at the beginning of the 2010 year, I took an interest in the school’s student-run online magazine, Pulse. After being a staff writer/photographer for two quarters, I became the editor-in-chief of the publication for a full academic year from December 2010- December 2011. Prior to hiring a graphic design intern for fall (2011) quarter, I put the February thru June issues of Pulse together through self-taught use of InDesign.

I greatly enjoy creating card designs: save the date, graduation, birth announcements and more!

Digital Media

While at CWU (Ellensburg Campus) I decided to major in Convergent (Digital) Media in the Communication Department, I also briefly studied in the IT (Information Technology) department for minor classes. I stumbled upon this major because I wanted to incorporate my love and talent for photography into my profession somehow. I knew the future of media is ever changing because of social media and personal blogging so I thought the concept of digital media was very broad field with future job opportunities (turns out this was true since I was able to find a job quickly after graduation!)

Quirky, Creative, Random Me

In my spare time (what spare time? haha) I enjoy browsing through antique stores to find cute knick-nacks or photo props. I’m not named after the Brita water filter. I love the outdoors, especially camping in the summertime. I love Pinterest, it’s a goldmine. I prefer white coffee (don’t know what that is? it’s delicious! Find a coffee stand that has it, ask for a iced white coffee white chocolate Americano! FYI Starbucks doesn’t have white coffee). I’ve never dyed my hair, ever. I really love my fluffy, 17 lb cat, Poptart. I sleep better when it rains. I played soccer for 14 years, as number 14. 14 has always been my favorite number, closely followed by 7. I always have a water bottle with me, I feel naked without one. I love Cinderella, I own almost every version and re-make of the movie. I almost always prefer photos in black & white instead of color. Digital photos will NEVER compare to real film photos, hand developed! I’m sure there are many other random things but I doubt anyone has actually read this entire thing….so yadda yadda the end.


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