The Fashion Struggle – Packing for Europe

The only thing I’m 100% sure that I’m packing right now is Toms. I bought my first pair before we went to Australia last June and I LOVE them. So comfortable, they are light and I can walk in them all day no problem. Honestly I’ll probably take more than one pair with me to Europe! That being said. That’s all I got. I need FASHION HELP!

I’ve been trying REALLY HARD to put together outfit ideas. Here’s what I have so far, with a breakdown of each place we’ll be and the approximate temperature in September (see individual outfits with my comments below):


Here’s the breakdown of the outfits:


MY COMMENTS: I really really really want to get a brown jacket similar style to the one above. I’ve wanted one for a while. But for some reason I’ve never bought one. I also want to  get a nice pair of jean jeggings that will withstand the trip, the pair of skinny dark jeans now that were like $10 and they are a cheap fabric that won’t last. This is by far my favorite outfit I’ve put together so far!!


MY COMMENTS: Statement necklace with this one? EH I’ve gone back and forth, I’m not sure if I like the necklace or not. However, I do LOVE the white sweater with the sash!!!


MY COMMENTS: So I already own 50% of this outfit, since I have about 5 pairs of these black leggings from Old Navy. They are perfect! I LOVE them and they are only $10! I also own these boots in black and “rusty” color. See below, my dilemma of which color to take!! Right now I’ve chosen the black boots, so I don’t have any outfits with the rusty color ones. Also which white jacket I should buy to take, I like 3 different styles all within the same price range! UGH!


MY COMMENTS: I’m now thinking (after making this outfit of course) that I might bring another pair of jeans (not jeggings like in this photo) to wear. I also must admit that I’m not a huge fan of wearing jean jeggings with black boots (which is why I have black toms here) but I might bring a pair of vans with me, since I currently don’t have any “real shoes” in any of my outfits. When I went to Australia I packed “real shoes” (ie black & pink Nike running shoes) and ended up only wearing them to and from the airport, so they were a bit of a pain. When I went to Australia I also packed a pair of white (knock off style) Keds, which I think I also only wore maybe once? HMM what to do!?


MY COMMENTS: This outfit is also a staple in my current wardrobe. It would probably be another outfit I’d wear with regular skinny jeans (like I mentioned above) instead of jeggings like in the photo. I bought the black zip up before I left for Australia and it’s honestly one of my favorite pieces of clothing other than my toms and my boots!


MY COMMENTS:  I usually make the mistake of packing clothes I won’t actually wear on vacation. So I’m trying to be practical about my outfits choices. This is comfy and something I’ll definitely wear!


MY COMMENTS:  A possible Birthday outfit?



MY COMMENTS:  Another cute outfit for a warmer day, with a pop of color! I’m only a little worried about wearing a white shirt with “natural” colored/ off-white Toms. I don’t think it’ll be too big of a deal.


MY COMMENTS:  I’m a fan of this tunic, it’s a bit different from the “plain style” I usually have but I think it would be a cute outfit for a warmer day.


MY COMMENTS:  I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m partial to black and white and plain. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice I’ve been pinning fashion and outfits like crazy trying to get ideas for what to pack and how to spice up my wardrobe! So this will be an on going “packing for Europe” thing for the next few months. Anyways, any comments and input would be so helpful! 😀



COMMENTS:  I mentioned above that I only made outfits with my black boots since I’m leaning heavily towards taking those ones. But I thought I’d put them both up here and see what others thought too! 🙂 What I REALLY need help on is the white jackets. Ideally I’d only like to take one of these 3. But I’m having trouble with the different styles – I like the idea of taking a trench-coat style to wear in London (“Ivory -$30”) but I also like the style of the “Cream/Silver – $39.80” which is in one of my outfits above already! Then I’m afraid I’m taking too many jackets with me!!

For those of you thinking – “it’s only April and her trip is in September, why is she thinking about packing now?” Well, I’m indecisive and it’s going to take me a while to figure out what I want to pack so I figured I better start now. haha



22 – broke – and able to afford Europe?? A Cash Envelope System

I started out 2013 with a goal of getting organized. Well it’s April and the only part of my life that I can say is far more organized than it used to be is my budget & saving money. The system I use (that has worked well for me) I found on none other than the wonderful, Pinterest!! Since I’ve had a few friends ask about Europe costs and how I’ve been planning things out for our trip, I’ll make sure to post about that as well.

Here’s the system, thanks to Simple Dimples blog:


For envelope templates from Simple Dimples, click here.

It’s a cash-based system. So I get paid on the 1st and the 15th (some times it changes depending on if the day falls on a weekend). My check is on direct deposit to my savings account and then I pull out cash (in twenties) and split it up into my envelopes for gas, food and misc. Since I have the luxury of still living with my parents, I am able to save A LOT, I know it won’t always be this way. I’m so thankful! Thanks mom & dad! 🙂 Eventually, I’ll have to figure out how to modify this cash-based system to work with paying bills, rent/mortgage, and such. But we’ll cross that bridge when needed.

On Simple Dimples, there is a template for the envelopes which fit perfectly into my wallet and little ledgers that fit into the envelopes, so you can keep track of where your cash is going.

This system has worked really wonderful for me. I find it more difficult to spend cash than swipe a card, so I actually THINK about my purchases. I also think about how much money I have left until I get paid next. It’s such a great feeling when I get paid and still have cash left over from the previous 2 weeks! It means I’m saving even MORE (and I don’t have to pull out as much cash for the next two weeks)! I love it!!!

I always consider myself on a budget/ballin’ on a budget/broke, I spend most of my money on gas, I eat out every once and a while and that’s about it! The reality is I’m not broke, I have money in savings and I’m able to pay for all of Europe! But I’m able to do that by being very strict about my weekly spending, by keeping the frame of mind that I ONLY have a certain amount to spend and then it’s gone, keeps me on track with my savings! So I’ll continue to say I’m broke and tell myself that I’m broke 🙂