DAY 17: Work It Wednesday

Day 17 MENU

Peach mango green tea (10 cal)
egg whites – 1/3 cup (50 cal)
2 slices of deli smoked ham (70 cal)


4 oz seared steak with caramelized onions and blue cheese (339 cal)
1/3 cup green beans (10 cal)

Banana (90 cal)
Luna chocolate peanut butter protein bar (190 cal)

Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake (236 cal)
1/4 cup frozen corn (40 cal)
Salad with a little dolp ceasar dressing (27 cal)

After Gym Snack:
1 cup of Almond Coconut Milk (60 cal)
1 scoop of whey protein vanilla (120 cal)

Total 1241 cal, 59 under my goal


After Dinner Work Out!
Goal – to run 3 miles straight in under 60 minutes (20 minute miles)

32.48 minutes – 3 miles (10.82 minute miles, average)
Total with cool down: 3.41 miles – 380.6 cal


Balanced Weekend?

…eeehhhhh, maybe?


6:40a rolled out of bed
7a left the house, got Starbucks
7-7:50a sat in traffic
8a-4p work, work, work
4p-5p sat in traffic
5p – 5:20p stopped to get paint for a photo prop (photo shoot was Saturday AM! YIKES! I procrastinated on that one!)
5:30p-10p Painted props, made jumbo cupcake
10p – sleep

what a crrraaaazzzyyy Friday night, livin’ life on the dangerous side! 😛


6:30a rolled out of bed, shower
6:50a rushed to Safeway to get Balloons!
7-7:50a set up for photo shoot
8-10:30a Brayden’s one year photo shoot
10:30-11:30a put away/clean up stuff from photo shoot
11:30a-1p drive to Ellensburg (it was snowing on the pass, what the heck APRIL!)
1p-3:30p? – lunch with Zach and then we watched the CWU men’s rugby game
3:30p-5p – nap with Zach 🙂
5-7p edited a few photos from Brayden’s shoot/FB preview while watching CATurday on Animal Planet!
7p dinner with Zach
I ended up editing photos for a bit after dinner, we watched part of Get Him to the Greek on TV and then went to bed.


Slept in til 8:30a OMG!!
8:30a-10:30a – edited photos while Zach went to sell his TV in Cle Elum
lunch with Zach around 11ish?
11:30ish? drove home from Ellensburg
1-3p cleaned up room a bit
3:30-6p Brayden’s 1st birthday party
didn’t do a whole lot after that. watched TV, went to bed at 10ish.

This whole weekend I was actively trying to think about balancing out work and having fun but now that I’ve typed it all out, I’m not sure I did so good. Welp, that’s the point of this whole blog in the first place! FACING REALITY! Sadly, my reality is admitting I worked most of the weekend and ‘played’ for a few hours…SHOOT! I thought I was doing better! I’m thinking the only way to not work when I go to Ellensburg is to not even take my laptop with me…righhhttt, like that will ever happen! Baby steps 😉


The Green RV

The Green RV at CWU with Roadtripper, Pablo Guillen of UC Irvine

As I was walking to class today, something extremely out of the ordinary was parked next to the SURC. A green RV with chalk written on it. In large letters, “Success to me is…” and students were grabbing chalk and writing “loving what you do,” “money,” “reaching your goals,” “being happy” and so on. Right away this large green RV fascinated me, what was it doing at Central? Do they just drive around to random campus’ and allow students to write on the side of their RV? What was the point of it all?

Roadtrip Nation began in 2001 as an idea Mike, Nathan, Brian and Amanda, four friends fresh out of college, formed when they were not sure what to do with their lives. Initially, the scope of the plan was relatively small – climb aboard an old RV, paint it green, and traverse the country with the purpose of interviewing people who inspired them by living lives that centered around what was meaningful to them.

In a video on the Roadtrip Nation website, Nate says, “For me in school, I just felt like I was living in a box that I couldn’t find my own individual identity in.” Mike chimes in with, ” We all just felt we needed to get out of there, see the world and see what was possible.” Their goal was to travel across the country and meet people that are living different lives that we had never been exposed to. To see what else was out there they took a road trip across the entire nation, over 15,000 miles to learn how other people define their roads in life.

From a personal learning experience between four friends to opening the Roadtrip doors up to other students the movement stared to grow. First with a book titled, Roadtrip Nation then with a documentary titled, The Open Road. They continue to encourage students to define their own road in life through traveling, experiencing first hand and learning from interviews with leaders. To date,  Roadtrippers have traveled over 500,000 miles and interviewed over 1,000 leaders from all walks of life! The most recent branch of Roadtrip Nation is, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating educational resources around Roadtrip Nation’s Interview Archive.

I’m the kind of girl who’s always had a plan. I’ve been dedicated to my studies, achieving above average grades my whole life. I’ve been in school for the last 16 years of my life with no breaks. I started college classes my senior year of high school and the last summer where I wasn’t taking any classes was in 2008. I’m now 21 years old and I don’t have a plan. I don’t have a job for after graduation in just 3 short weeks and it’s the first time in my life that I don’t have any idea of what to expect next. Last spring, when I initially learned that I would be completed with my degree 6 months ahead of schedule, I wanted to rush into graduate school because I knew what to expect out of a life in academics. Not so much for a life in the “real world.”

After watching a few videos on Rationtrip and hearing the stories of the students, I don’t feel so alone. In many ways I feel like college doesn’t really prepare us for what to expect after we’ve completed our degree. How do we find out who we are? Many of us have been in this narrow box of education for so long, how are we supposed to know what we want to do after it’s over? Many of us probably travel down the road we feel is expected of us (ie. Dad says I’ll make the most money in Business, so I can be a CEO of my own company one day. That sounds like a good idea, I’ll do it. Especially since I want my family and friends to be proud of me). I’m also not envious of those who’ve known exactly what they’ve wanted to do since they were 4. I think changing your mind is part of learning and defining yourself. Even though I’m scared of what comes after I’m done with my last final, I’m going to take some time time to myself to figure it all out.

Take some time out of your day and check out this website.



Make a Wish!

As it approaches 11:11pm on 11/11/11, I remembered the old junior high days of ‘making a wish’ when the clock struck 11:11 sitting class. I’m personally a big believer in lucky numbers, my lucky/favorite number has been 14 as long as I can remember (and also my soccer jersey number for 14 years of playing)! I was reading today that according to David’s Bridal 57,000 couples are expected to wed today because it’s 11/11/11. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to get married on 14/14/14…because there aren’t 14 months of course, so maybe I’ll just have to settle for 7/7/14?

Thoughts? What do you think about ‘lucky numbers’ and ‘lucky days’? Was today your lucky day? Do you wish at 11:11?

I personally didn’t do much today that I would consider lucky or out of the ordinary. I froze by butt off walking to campus for a meeting I couldn’t get into because the door was locked (that was actually unlucky), so I picked up a peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks (this was a gamble, I prefer coffee drinks that taste nothing like coffee and rarely try a new drink at random) to my pleasant surprise, it was delicious! 🙂 I came home and was extremely motivated (mostly from the coffee) and did a bunch of research for an article I’m writing, wrote most of the article, looked at engagement and wedding photos for an hour or so to get some inspiration for a shoot I’m doing Sunday, edited and graded some Pulse assignments (only one week and three days til our next issue comes out!) and now I’m finally updating my blog. Oh, and we had the first snow in Ellensburg tonight too. Whew, reading all that makes me kind of tired. This quarter I love weekends–not because I can relax–but because I have time to catch up on all my work (usually without getting assigned more work). Meaning I feel much more productive looking at my to-do list with a few things checked off and (hopefully) nothing new added!

Song I’ve had stuck in my head all day: Little Miss by Sugarland. Give it a listen!

Happy Friday & just to feel like a kid again, make a wish at 11:11pm at 11/11/11!


Personal Website & New Logo

HERE IT IS! The unveiling of the logo I created for my personal website! Which I designed this summer for my business cards in COM 348 (LOVE IT!).  I’ve been slowly but surely crossing things off my list and one of them has been purchasing a web domain ( is currently under construction) CHECK. I’ve been brainstorming ideas of how I’d like my soon-to-be website to look, CHECK. I’m so excited that everything is coming together nicely! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the process once I start putting content onto my web domain since it’s going to be a learning process and perhaps I can do tutorials or other articles on trouble shooting. I have a little bit of web design experience from taking IT 248, but I’m currently trying to learn how to use Drupal. Stay tuned!

Enjoy & Happy Thursday (aka COM Friday)!!


It’s Not Personal; It’s Business…

or is it?

The blurry line between friendship and professional. Over my time as editor of Pulse, I’ve pondered how to make personal connections with my staff writers yet also be taken seriously as editor. I’ve found that student-run media is very difficult since I’m their boss in Pulse and then just a peer in another class. I’m not a “normal” student. My job with the magazine makes my role as a student pretty complicated.

What about the social media blurry line?

As a journalist, you are always a journalist and this means that you need to take into careful consideration what you are saying on personal blogs, Facebook status’ and Tweets. Can you really have an opinion about that political party on your Facebook and then be objective when you write the article for your publication? The answer is no. What are the “rules” of social media etiquette for a journalist? Most companies have a policy in place with a few distinct rules but not everything fits nicely into a box. Most companies assume that you know the need for professionalism online. But are we teaching this in our classes? Can we afford to make this assumption that everyone in the professional world just knows what is appropriate for social media? I personally think this is an important topic that should be explored and have specific guidelines for offenders.

What about promotion? How does that work with social media? A journalist can get more readers by promoting the company on their personal Facebook. How does the company monitor all of what’s being said on personal sites? Especially a smaller company?

Food for thought. Off to class.


Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson

For my communication theory class, a couple weeks ago the professor had us write down five statements we believe to be true. I went with topics I didn’t think could be proved wrong. For example, no human is perfect, everyone deserves love and affection, we (humans) never stop learning and there is always more information out there, etc. After being put into groups, we started a persuasion exercise dealing with latitude of acceptance, latitude of rejection and cognitive dissonance.  There were nine questions we needed to answer about a statement we believed to be true including:  judging the classes current position on the issue, a persuasive goal that is likely to fall in the latitude of acceptance (and another goal for rejection) and developing a point that would create cognitive dissonance in the mind of the class followed with a way to resolve it and once all nine questions were answered we needed to give a brief persuasive speech.

The statement my group choose was “never a mistake, always a lesson.”  Through brainstorming for our mini improv speech, we discussed that it takes a strong person to take responsibility and see hard times as a lesson instead of blaming others or yourself. Also, if there is no blame-game then maybe you can see how to avoid repeating the same situation. This type of statement is purely emotional, nearly every person has an experience in which they can relate to this statement with a hard learned lesson or a tough situation. Part of the latitude of acceptance with “never a mistake, always a lesson” is that seeing the bigger picture is important and looking at the situation objectively. Sometimes we are so overcome with emotion that our analysis of the situation is skewed or fogged. Because of this, our persuasive goal for the class was to think of the situation in the long term instead of in the moment.

Our group discussed a lot more detail and went through each of the nine questions (not all listed here), but this was the gist of what I wanted to get across. The meaning of the message, “never a mistake, always a lesson.” Think about it. It stuck with me over the last few weeks. Hopefully, it sticks with you too.


Happy Tuesday!

I was up with the sun this morning working on my ever-long “to do list” when I realized….it’s November already! It feels like fall quarter just started yesterday. My countdown clock reminded me this morning that 41 days remain of my college career! It’s such an exciting and terrifying experience all in one. I haven’t had much time to really think about how much I’m going to miss school one day, probably very soon. Speaking of which, I better head off to class! Catch up with ya later.