Thursday Night Blogilates

The last few days my eating schedule has been horribly off. In like I’m not eating enough calories kind of way. No good. I’ve been seriously undercutting my calories during the day and then eating a larger dinner at night and even though I’m still coming in under my 1300 calorie goal, I know this isn’t good for me. I need to be eating 6 small meals a day and not eating such a large dinner late at night, if I’m going to have a larger meal it should be breakfast.

I also feel like I’m staying up way to late when I work out after dinner. All and all I really didn’t feel like going to the gym tonight so I decided to do something different, I’m thinking a switch up of “the routine” is in order. There is no way I’ll be able to complete the Warrior Dash if I don’t start doing some strengthening, toning and lifting STAT. So I decided to do an abs video on Blogilates. A beginner video and some parts of it were HARD, unable to do the full time kind of thing. SO sad. I can’t tell you the last time I did “abs” – at least when I started this whole 8 week plan getting back into running was fairly easy. That’s the problem I always resort back to running because it’s not always challenging, even if it is a tough run, I still like it. Not so much with lifting weights or toning. That has to change.

I’ve linked to this Blogilates website before, when I first made my highly unrealistic workout plan but until tonight I’d never really checked it out. I just  knew it was a good resource for days when I didn’t feel like hitting the gym or mornings when I woke up to late to get a full work out in. Needless to say, I highly recommend anyone who is on the journey to get healthy, it’s NOT just work out videos. It’s the complete package, recipes and more – seriously check out this blogilates website right NOW.

Something tells me I’m going to be spending more time on this website (why didn’t I do it sooner??) – from posts about how do I get an inner thigh gap to finding inspiration & motivation – this is a useful tool. This girl is even so open as to admit when she’s feeling like we all do, fat and like a failure. I mean, wow. Just completely open and honest. She voices how we’ve all felt at one time or another.

“If you have been working out and eating clean and not seeing results, make sure you have given it at least a good 3-6 weeks before you judge …. Losing fat and gaining muscle is a slow process. You’ve got to allow yourself to understand that and it will make the whole journey a lot less discouraging. If you ever feel like giving up, just remember that dieting is HARD. No one said it was going to be easy. But I am here with workouts that are fun and the POP pilates community is here to support you through it with their own experiences.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself! Time to keep on truckin’!

I just wanted to get word out about Blogilates tonight before heading to bed!


Day 11: Thursday

Day 11 MENU

1/2 grapefruit (65 cal)
Peach Mango Green Tea (10 cal)

Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Cream Sauce (1 1/2 portions – 413 cal)

Beef & Bean Enchilada (2 – 686 cal)
Light Sour cream 1/2 tablespoon each enchilada (23 cal total)

Day 11 TOTAL: 1197, 103 under goal

Day 11 GYM

Blogilates Abs Videos, see here.

Day 10: Wednesday

Day 10 Menu

None 😦
Crystal Light Green Tea Packet (10 cal)

3 Dill Pickles (0 cal)

Pork Chops Au Poivre left overs (4oz 299 cal)

Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Cream Sauce (275 cal)
1/2 cup of white rice (121 cal)

After Gym Snack:
I’d cut myself pretty low on calories again today, so I had a larger after gym snack. I indulged in some fruit snacks :/
Muscle Tech Whey Protein Vanilla with 1 cup of reduced fat chocolate milk (340 cal total)
Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks – Strawberry (200 cal)

Day 10 GYM

30 minutes – hill interval – resistance 6 then bumped up to 8
2.61 miles – 298 cal

Goal – 1 mile fast as you can
1 mile – 11 minutes – 5.5 & 6.0 speed
4 minutes cool down
15 minutes – 1.22 miles – 128 cal

DAY 10 TOTAL: 45 minutes – 3.83 miles – 426 cal

DIY: Photo Fabric Backdrops


By nature, I’m a “researcher.” I really can’t make any type of purchase without first researching it, especially anything expensive. I typically create a word document and make a table, it has a photo, the price, the URL and I do a little comparison chart.

The comparison sheet above is a little different, to make it look more stylish. Today’s comparison shopping was on fabric for photo backdrops. I started at the natural starting place: Etsy and other “photo prop” stores. Boy am I glad I did my research! WHOA! What a MASSIVE price difference. CRAZYYYY. These “alternative” fabrics are on sale, regularly around $5-$5.50/yd, but even at full price it’s still a WAY better deal. I know this type of thing would only be interesting to someone in photography looking for backdrops, but I just had to share!


Being Creative: Newborn Rhinestone Headbands


For photography, if I don’t make my own props I try and buy locally. But in the case of the “rhinestone headband” (as shown in the newborn photo above) it’s just ridiculously expensive for ONE headband, $25-40+ for a BABY headband? Which caused me to look into the whole market (I’m a DIYer at heart). So I started looking around for this precious item I came to figure out is called “rhinestone trim.” Turns out I can make 3-4 headbands out of 1 yard of this trim for the cost of one headband from some of these retailers. I understand that making this style of headband isn’t cheap by any means, but that’s quite a mark-up in my frugal eyes.

It took me quite a while to find the style of rhinestones I was looking for. And I mean A WHILE. Almost embarrassing! I was having a brain fart and couldn’t think of what to Google to find them, “gemstones?” No. what the heck do they call those fake-diamond-like things anyway! I kept Googling “strands,” “cubic zirconia” and sooooo many other things. I just wasn’t finding what I wanted. I went onto Joann’s website and was looking around in the jewelry section to see if I could figure out what they would possibly be called, I’d ALMOST given up since I was only coming across bead stuff there! When I finally found the magic words … “rhinestone trim”!! hallelujah!!!!

SO for any other DIYers out there, I hopefully just saved you a buttload of time. I’ll also be super nice and provide all the links to the photos above if you’d like to purchase them yourselves! 🙂

  1. Rhinestone Floral Trim $39.98/1 yard*
  2. 1/2″ Rhinestone Trim $44.98/1 yard
  3. Braid Rhinestone Beaded Trim $35/1 yard
  4. Samara Rhinestone Chain $29.50/1 yard

*1 yard = 36 inches. Newborn headbands are about 12 inches total and I see no reason to have the rhinestones all the way around the full 12 inches. I’ll have a tie with ribbon for the back. I estimated 8 inches of rhinestones for the front/sides of the headband to be on the safe side (this could change). If I made only newborn headbands (I’m going to make some larger ones for 3-6 month as well) I could get 4.5 headbands out of this single yard.

Head over to my photography page on Facebook and comment which style of headband (1-4 above) is your favorite!


DAY 9: Tuesday & Women Who Wear Perfume at the Gym.


1/2 Grapefruit (65 cal)
Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cake (60 cal)

Luna Cookie Dough Protein Bar (170 cal)
Banana (90 cal)

7 reduced fat triscuits (120 cal)
Light Mini Baby Bell Cheese (50 cal)

Pork Chops Au Poivre with 2 small red skin potatoes and 2 tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese – SO GOOD!!!
Breakdown: Pork Chops Au Poivre (I estimated 449 cal, about 1.5 servings), Potatoes (220 cal), Cottage Cheese (20 cal)

DAY 9 TOTAL: 1244 cal, 56 cal under my 1300 goal!


5 min warm up – 3.5 speed
5-14 min run – 4.8 speed
14-17 min walk – 3.5 speed
17-26 min run – 5.0 speed
26-29 min walk – 3.5 speed
29-38 min run – 5.0 speed
38-41 min walk – 3.5 speed

DAY 9 TOTALS: 41 minutes – 3.04 miles – 292.2 cal

Public Announcement: I was super annoyed at the gym because I was trying to run between two women on the treadmills next to me who were both wearing very strong perfumes and it STUNK horribly. Especially the combinations of the different perfumes, they were not complimenting smells. Towards the end I didn’t even want to breathe in anymore. I was not a happy camper. I get it, I wear perfume too. I apply once a day in the morning before I leave for work – a VERY light spritz. But these women had clearly JUST sprayed themselves, maybe even in the locker room before coming out. It was not an “oh I sprayed my clothes before I went to work 8+ hours ago and it carried over to my gym clothes a bit”  type of smell at all. If you are one of those women who wears perfume to the gym, STOP. Deodorant is enough. Seriously. Don’t make the rest of us suffer.

Day 8: Monday & The First Weigh In

AHHH back to routine! ❤ Makes me happy!


Peach Mango Green Tea (10 cal)
Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cake (70 cal)

Mixed Berries Yoplait Greek Fat Free Yogurt (100 cal)

Lettuce (1/2 cup) with Caesar dressing (1/2 tablespoon) (39 cal)
1/2 Grapefruit (65 cal)

1/4 cup of blueberries (21 cal)

Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers. OMG SO GOOD! Photos coming soon! They didn’t have the  4-inch-square slices foccacia bread at Safeway so my family used Wheat Kaiser Rolls (140 cal) instead. I had mine without bread. (299 cal w/ foccacia bread, I’m not sure how much the bread alone counted for so I just put the full calorie amount in)

DAY 8 TOTAL: 594 cal, 706 under my 1300 goal. I didn’t mean to undercut my calories this much. I only ate when I was hungry and I guess that wasn’t enough today.

Day 8 GYM:

All the treadmills were taken at the gym, so I went on the elliptical first
Hills Setting – 30 minutes – 2.66 miles – 303 cal

5 min walk – 3.0, walking
5- 13 min – 4.8 running
13-17 min – 3.5 walking
17-25 min – 4.9 running
25-29 min – 3.5 walking
29-37 min – 5.0 running
37-41 min – 3.5 walking
Total: 41 minutes – 2.89 miles – 272 cal

DAY 8 TOTALS: 71 minutes – 5.55 miles – 575 cal

WEIGH IN: down 5.4 lbs

Day 6 & 7 The Weekend

When I first started this, I knew the weekends would be the most difficult part for me.

DAY 6: Saturday

Breakfast: None 😦

I went out to lunch with Zach and his mom at Elysian Brewery in Seattle. I drooled while Zach ate a burger and fries, instead I had…
Steak Salad with grilled onions, blue cheese crumbles and balsamic vinegar dressing (approx. 595)*
*They didn’t have nutrition information anywhere, so this was an estimate from my app, from a different restaurant

I made appetizers for Kylie’s late birthday/graduation party, I ended up only trying 1 out of the 3 I made :/ I also didn’t take pictures! Sorry all!

Smoked Salmon and Cheese Mini Twice-Baked Potatoes (4 potatoes – 384 cal)

Burger with cheese (estimated 400 cal)

Peach Vodka (estimated 345 cal)
*My favorite drink is with Safeway flavored water and peach mango mio, meaning the only calories in the drink is the vodka!

DAY 6 TOTAL: 1724 cal, a crazy 424 cal over my goal. SUPER sad face!! Weekends UGHHH

Another sad addition – no gym today either.

DAY 7: Sunday

Breakfast was delicious!! 2 scrambled eggs with cut up safeway deli smoked ham and finely grated cheddar cheese (0.2 oz) (300 cal total)

Zach and I went to Kublas (or it used to be called Kublas, it was bought out and I think it’s now called K’s or something. Anyways the link goes to the address, even if the phone number isn’t correct anymore?) it’s one of our favorite restaurants! It’s also one of the healthier options! I loaded up my bowl with broccoli, a few onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts and then sauces like teriyaki, garlic, ginger, olive oil, etc. with just a splash of noodles (approx. 593 cal)

1/2 cup of noodles with Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon, Lettuce and 1/2 tablespoon of Caesar dressing (approx. 205 cal)

5 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks (40 cal)

DAY 7 TOTAL: a little better than yesterday! 1138 cal, 162 cal under 1300 goal

DAY 7 – No Gym 😦


Day 5: Friday & The First Skipped Work-Out

Day 5 Menu

Starbucks Tall Caramel Frap w/ no whip (200 cal)

Mid-Morning Snack:
Blueberry Non-Fat Greek Yogurt (140 cal)
7 Reduced-Fat Triscuits (120 cal)
Light Mini Baby Bell Cheese (50 cal)

BBQ Chicken (approx. 284 cal)

Afternoon Snack:
1.5 oz Grilled Steak Fajitas, not much left overs – made it with 1/2 a tortilla (85 cal)
1/2 Grapefruit (65 cal)

Taco Time – Regular Chicken Taco Salad, Ranch Dressing (389 cal)

DAY 5 TOTAL: 1333 cal 😦 (33 cal over && skipped work out…I’m in trouble!)

Welp. I don’t have any excuse for not going to the gym. I just wasn’t feelin’ it. In a perfect world I would have gone AND not gone to Taco Time for dinner BUT I’m not perfect and I greatly enjoyed the salad! At least I said no to the mexi fries!! Baby steps…

Day 4: Thursday & THE WARRIOR DASH

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Welp, it’s official!!! I signed Zach & I up for the Warrior Dash July 20th at 1:30pm! Honestly, I’m terrified! But if it can motivate my butt to get in shape so I’m not embarrassed….oh boy. What have I got myself into?! 86 DAYS! I CAN DO THIS!

DAY 4 Menu

(Late almost 11am) Breakfast:
*not too happy about the late lunch, but it was a busy morning at work :/
Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cake (60 cal)
Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea (10 cal – 1 packet)
Luna Peanut Butter Protein Bar (190 cal)

BBQ Chicken – 1 cup (approx. 284 cal includes BBQ sauce)
Roasted Cauliflower with garlic, olive oil and Parmesan* 1 cup (approx. 108 cal)
*I wasn’t a fan of this, I won’t be making it again :/

7 Reduced Fat Trisuit Crackers (120 cal)
Light Mini Baby Bell Cheese (50 cal)

Whole Grain Pasta with Tomato Vegetable Sauce 1 cup of pasta & 1/2 cup of sauce (approx. 337 cal)

After Gym Snack:
Muscle Tech Whey Protein Vanilla (mixed with water) (120 cal)

DAY 4 TOTAL: I cut it pretty close today, finishing out at 1279 cal. Only 21 calories under my goal of 1300

I also didn’t make dinner today since I had an appointment after work – my mom made it so I don’t have any pictures, but here’s the recipe!


5 min – 3.5 walking, warm up
10 min – 4.8 running
15 min – 5.2 running
5 min – 3.0 walking, cool down
TREADMILL TOTAL: 35 minutes – 2.64 miles – approx. 259.7 cal

So I wasn’t really feelin’ my usual running schedule, I decided to just run for as long as I could. Which ended up being 25 minutes straight! Since I only did 35 minutes, I went on the elliptical as well.

Elliptical – Gluteals setting – resistance setting #4
30 min – 2.47 miles – approx. 275 cal

DAY 4 TOTALS: 65 minutes – 5.11 miles – 534.7 cal